World Leaders Center

The World Leaders Center (WLC) was created in response to suggestions by CEOs attending the 2011 China-Japan CEO Forum (CJCF). They saw a need for an exclusive senior executive community focused on helping Fortune 500 firms lead change and succeed in markets outside their national borders.

As part of CJCF, WLC works to realize CJCF’s mission of facilitating cooperation and deepening mutual trust amongtop Asian executives, as well as nurture their leadership capabilities to build their firms into successful and globally admired organizations.

Starting in 2012, WLC has organized dialogues across Asia among top executives and area experts, creating the environment for them to share experiences and develop insights where advanced management ideas and philosophy meet on-the-ground executive challenges. Participating executives gain new

perspectives and see new possibilities for leading change, anticipating the future and creating opportunities in the increasingly competitive global business environment.

WLC is a membership-based non-profit organization and has benefited from continuous support from Fortune 500 firms and emerging Asian multinationals. Since the success of the 2014 CJCF, even more leading Asian companies and CEOs are seeking to participate in this exclusive community platform. WLC welcomes such interest and active participation by executives who wish to leverage the WLC platform and network of resources to see Asia achieve its potential. If you are interested in learning more about what WLC membership can mean to you and your organization, please contact the WLC Secretariat, at